Helping the World Become Climate Neutral Before 2050

Together, we can power the world towards a brighter future

Taking Immediate Action Towards Achieving a Low-carbon Future

Our Vision

To be the leading solar company, powering the world to a sustainable future.

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Our Solutions

Elgin is leading the way to brighter future by championing the transformative potential of solar power. Our solar solutions reduce emissions, enhance biodiversity, and foster energy independence. In storage, Elgin utilises cutting-edge battery systems for grid security, adaptability, and a zero-carbon energy system.

Our Company

We are a leading international solar company, designing and delivering projects across Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia. Powered by core values and driven by purpose.

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What We Do

Solar PV

Elgin's solar solutions encompass harnessing sunlight through advanced PV technology, transforming it from DC to AC for seamless integration with the grid. With over fifty years of PV evolution, global mass production has made solar PV economically viable and sustainable. Elgin's commitment to innovation leads the way to a transition to a cleaner, greener future. Through this, we aim to offer benefits such as emission-free electricity, reduced reliance on imported fossil fuels, and enhanced biodiversity through visually discreet solar farms.


Elgin's storage solutions ensure grid security by acting as a strategic reservoir, releasing stored energy during peak demand. Addressing the challenge of balancing intermittent renewables, grid-connected storage facilities offer a reliable buffer for stable energy flow. They contribute to a resilient, sustainable grid by adapting to evolving energy landscapes. Battery storage systems utilising Lithium-ion technology connect green energy sources with dynamic electricity demands, offering clean and flexible capacity crucial for a zero-carbon future.

Powering the World Towards a More Sustainable Future

Unlock insights into Elgin’s commitment to sustainability and download our ESG report, where we share achievements, future goals and aim to foster industry-wide transparency.

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Target Solar and Storage Capacity by 2030

United Kingdom

+10 GW


+6 GW


+5 GW

Republic of Ireland

+3 GW


I found Elgin Energy to be extremely professional and knowledgeable in regard to the planning and executing of the solar farm at Rose and Crown Farm. They have provided me with a very useful income stream in these uncertain times for British agriculture and thanks to Elgin Energy we can secure the future of this family business.
Mark (Landowner)
Rose & Crown, Norfolk, England
Signing with Elgin Energy was the best thing we ever did, which in turn has helped significantly with our expansion plans for the farm. It has brought us an income stream which has helped the farm through the difficult times and will provide stability for the farms future. Working with the guys from Elgin Energy was great, what I really appreciated was that they delivered what they promised!
Paul Phillips (Landowner)
Sutorfarm, Somerset, England
Having considered carefully we decided to appoint Elgin Energy as our company of choice ot develop our solar farm, the first in Ceredigion. We found Elgin Energy to be honest and delivered what was promised in a friendly and professional manner. We would highly recommend Elgin Energy and would not hesitate to use them again.
Huw Kurys (Landowner)
Llwyndu Farm, Ceredigion, Wales
A complex project, well executed with a successful outcome completed by some top guys- proper job!
Al Tregalas (Landowner)
Trequite Farm, Al Tregalas (Landowner), Cornwall, England
I had a great experience working with Elgin on the development of the Bann Road solar project. As a farmer, it was important for me to work with a company that respected and understood the land. Together, we were able to smoothly integrate solar into my existing farm's landscape and it is now one of the largest operational solar farms in Northern Ireland. Elgin's dedication to excellence was evident throughout our partnership and it was a pleasure working with them
Ian McCaughern
Bann Road, Northern Ireland
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